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OIC Condemns Terrorist Attack in Jalalabad, Afghanistan

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OIC Condemns Terrorist Attack in Jalalabad, Afghanistan

26/08/2018- The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) once again expressed growing concern due to continuing violence and ever-rising number of civilian casualties in Kabul and across the country including the Saturday suicide bombing in Jalalabad. OIC Secretary General Dr. Yousef Al Othaimeen stated that it was disappointing to observe that those who choose violence as a path under the pretext of Islam did not respond positively to repeated peaceful appeals and proposals for a political settlement through negotiations without pre-set conditions."

Afghanistan is among founding members of the OIC and deserves full attention and support of the Organization and its Member States. OIC shall undertake consultations on how to best address the growing challenges in and around Afghanistan.

“To that end, parties to the conflict and friends of Afghanistan need to focus their energies on organizing free, fair and transparent elections in the months ahead. The forthcoming UN General Assembly and the Geneva Ministerial session will provide the much-needed ground for broad and comprehensive review including consultations with major donors and international organizations,” the Secretary General said.



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